It’s not just the design of the tattoo; it’s where you place it. Some places are just macho, while others are incredibly sexy. In the right place, that tattoo can drive men wild. So, where are the best and sexiest places to get that special tattoo?

Your belly button Navel

 buttons are sexy in their own right, and the right tattoo can attract even more attention and desire. The belly button tattoo is a sexy addition when wearing a short shirt.

On The Ankle

 A shapely ankle peeking out from under a skirt made men go wild in Victorian times, and while ankles are a lot more visible these days, they’re still very sexy. I prefer the inside, which is a bit more unseen and discreet.

The back of the neck

 Always considered a desirable area, the back of the neck is also a great spot for a small tattoo. Easily hidden yet super sexy when revealed.

On the hips

 The hips have been considered one of the sexiest parts of the female body for thousands of years. Adding some feminine artwork to this area is sure to spark interest when exposed.

The Inner Thigh

 One of the most erotic areas for a sexy tattoo is the inner thigh. Even wearing revealing clothing, this area is out of sight, and people will soon catch a glimpse of it, which is intriguing. Just what you want.

There are many other places where you can get a tattoo, so don’t be afraid to try somewhere else. It’s your body, and take the time to decide on the actual design before you have it. There are many available, so be sure to choose one carefully.

As you can see, there are many sexy places to get your tattoo, but choosing the right Sexy Girl Tattoo is very important.