Girl costumes from the early days of the last century, when the movies captured the public’s imagination through fashion and glamour, are still quite sexy. Many aliases were popular at the time that still resonates in the minds of many fashion lovers. They are still widely treated as prom attire and can be seen on prom nights. This appeal can be traced back to the many glamor queens these outfits are associated with, from the same era, making up the poses that the current wearer can recapture.

First and foremost, there are the film noir outfits to consider. These were considerably exposed and quite charming in their elegance. They showed two sides of a woman, such as their femininity through the pink garments, while their bold fabrics showed their dominant side. There are headscarf clothes to look for with short dresses. There are also dark pants and blouses worn with boots of the same color. The only relief to these form-fitting garments came from the brightly colored ties over the high waist and the trendy bow tie or drawstring to give an impression. There was also a hood with a matching shade to complement the striking pose.

The pink border color is another alias to look for in the sexy girls’ costumes. In some cases, this was accompanied by sparse headgear, such as some scarlet leaves on the hair to give the impression of eternal youth. These dresses would be worn with sandals or pumps. There were also the pink rubies to carry on hand to cover the bosom when it got too cold outside.

Finally, there is also the sensational pose of taking on the role of a female gangster. The usual suit with flared pants derives its sexiness from both design and elegance. There’s something official in it, but it still has the value of being heroic and feminine at the same time. All these outfits can still be relied on today on ordinary occasions as they still have something that lingers in the mind of the fans who were fond of the styles of heroines back then.