Did you ever go on a scavenger hunt as a child? Or maybe as an adult with those global caching games?

You have a list of things to find; you split into teams and see who can find them first.

You can use the same concept alone or with a group of guys (online or offline) to significantly reduce your level of approach anxiety.

Think about how most people met. They met in a situation where they weren’t there specifically to “meet” people. In a class, in line at the supermarket, at someone’s wedding, or through social contacts. A lot of people get together, and it just ‘happens.’

From a mathematical point of view, you would be much luckier to meet specific people. Every night you have four or five good candidates to pick.

On the other hand, if you wait for it to “just happen,” you may be waiting a long time.

So why do so many people meet in a mathematically less than ideal situation? There is no pressure since they are not there to ‘meet .’ there is no pressure. You see a cutie in the supermarket, and you start talking without having time to get nervous.

Or you sit next to a girl in class, and after a few interactions, you realize she’s a normal person, just like you, and it just happens.

On the other hand, going out to clubs, coffee shops, or bookstores to “pick up” can be incredibly nerve-wracking. You’re there for one specific reason, and if you don’t get what you’re looking for, you feel like a failure.

This is where the trick comes in. Online or offline, get together with a few friends, and organize a “scavenger hunt.”

Have a contest to see who can collect five phone numbers, or five names, or five eye contacts and smiles, or whatever you agree on.

This will open up the competitive spirit that men naturally have and put any interaction with a woman into greater context so that you’re less likely to focus on her alone. If you ask for the number and she says no, you’re more likely to move on to the next one.

Guess what? If you have fun there and compete with your friends, you will meet some nice girls, who expect you to call them and date them.

And that IS what you are ultimately looking for, right?

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