Are they getting all excited to meet and hit up sexy girls? Or maybe being too nervous and cranky would be a better description. Well, I won’t blame you – hitting on sexy girls is a big challenge than getting the less hot girls to notice you but let me tell you a secret – hitting on sexy girls is no different than the normal ones hitting girls. The only difference is that they are much more in demand and more men are looking for them. But aren’t most male species so lucky with hot girls? Why? They’ve used the same strategy over and over, not knowing girls are tired of it. So now that you know that, you’ll have a better head start. Below are a few tricks for hitting on sexy girls — and being a total seductive hotshot.

  • Gather your mind. Do not panic. Just because she smokes hot doesn’t mean you have to get anxious and frantic about everything. She’s a girl, for the sake of Cripes. She expects you to be the man. Either way, you have to make an absolutely good impression on her. So gather your wits, organize your thoughts, and don’t slip – by yourself.
  • Don’t drool. Sexy girls tend to spin you around their fingers and then break your heart. Especially if you act very needy and hysterical to please them. Also, introduce yourself as a challenge! Or better yet, try to show that you value yourself and lose it if they aren’t interested. It’s not the end of the world if they don’t. Be cool.
  • Keep it simple. Most guys tend to say yes to a girl’s whim when they’re hit hard – especially if she’s a hot chick. If you try to impress her with expensive gifts, treat her to expensive restaurants and tell her how insanely rich you are (well, unless you are), you may have to keep up with that image and eventually lose her if you take a step back. It’s always best to keep things simple but true – less pressure and more opportunity for her to get to know the real you!
  • Have fun flirting. One big advantage of picking up sexy girls is that they are easily impressed – few men are brave enough to try their luck on these types of women. Showing yourself that you’re cool and laid-back and having a great time flirting with them is sure to get you hooked – hot women like men who can make all the difference to stand out from the crowd. So ditch the typical – make her realize what a laid-back guy you are.

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